Easy Link Trading 200503029599 (JM0424245-A)

Easy link trading 200503029599 (JM0424245-A) adalah sebuah syarikat Pinjaman wang yang bernombor lesen WL5372/10/01-10/2111125. Kami menjalankan perkhidmatan secara sah dibawah akta pemberi Pinjaman 1951. Pengkhususan dalam mereka bentuk penyelesaian kewangan peribadi dan perniagaan yang dapat memenuhi segala keperluan dan kehendak para pelanggan adalah matlamat berterusan kami. syarikat kami memberikan tumpuan dan perhatian kepada kualiti perkhidmatan kami kepada anda semua.


Kami Menawarkan Pinjaman Bernilai Tinggi dan Direka Khas untuk Memenuhi Keperluan Anda


Kadar Kelulusan Sehingga 99%


Perkhidmatan Kami


Kami mengenakan Faedah Yang Paling Rendah Berbanding Dengan Syarikat Pinjaman Yang Lain


Permohon Yang Disenarai Hitamkan Oleh Bank dan Aeon Credit juga Layak Memohon


Syarikat pinjaman wang berlesen yang sah seperti kami tidak akan meminta wang pendahuluan atau deposit.


Skim Kami Direka Secara Terperinci Untuk Memenuhi Keperluan Kewangan Dan Berdasarkan Keadaan Kewangan Anda

Kelayakan dan Dokumen Yang Diperlukan


Dokumen Perlukan
Salinan Kad Pengenalan
Penyata Slip Gaji 3 Bulan
Penyata Bank 3 Bulan
Penyata KWSP Terkini
Bil Eletrik & Air

Pekerja Karajaan
Golongan Pencen
Pekerja Swasta


Laporan CCRIS adalah laporan kewangan untuk individu yang boleh mencetak di Bank Negara Malaysia


Mohon Sekarang

Hantarkan butiran anda kepada kami
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Terms and Conditions

Repayment of the installments in this agreement shall be due and payable without claiming a refund and the first installment must be made on the next month and thereafter every subsequent month until the end.

Breach of the agreement
IF default is made during the repayment period, whether in respect of principal or interest then the LENDER is entitled to charge light interest on the unpaid installment amount which shall be calculated at the rate of eighteen per cent per annum from day to day from the date of default. refund the amount of the installment until the amount of the installment is paid, and any interest charged shall not be counted for the purposes of this agreement as part of the interest charged on the loan.

Right of Action
IF the BORROWER fails to repay any amount of the installment due or any amount of the installment and any interest payable for any period exceeding twenty -eight days after the due date; OR

commits an act of bankruptcy or enters into any composition or an arrangement with its creditors or, as the company enters into a liquidation settlement, whether forcibly or voluntarily , then the LENDER can terminate the agreement.

Stamp Duty
Stamp duty fee and attestation fees incurred in connection with this agreement shall be borne by the BORROWER.


  1. the agreement shall be a document which are legally binding and shall be read, taken and interpreted.
  2. time is of the essence of the agreement
IN THE EVENT of any conflict in the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, the final confirmation will subject to LENDER’s discretion.

Privacy Policy

The Commitment
Easy Link Trading 200503029599 (JM0424245-A) is subjected to the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION ACT 2010. We promise to process personal data based on the data subject’s rights (customers) as follows:

  1. The right to be to,d whether their data will be processed by the organisation or third parties

  2. The right to access own personal data

  3. The right to correct own personal data

  4. The right to withdraw consent given to process personal data

  5. The right to prevent processing own personal data likely to cause damage or stress

  6. The right to prevent processing own personal data for purposes of direct marketing

Our rights as data users
  1. The right to process the personal data after obtaining the consent of the data subject

  2. Can continue to process personal data for the performance of a contract where the data is subject is a party to it

  3. Can continue to process the personal data of the data subject request to make a contract.

  4. Can continue to process personal data in order to protect the vital interests of the data subject

  5. Can continue to process personal data in compliance with the obligations of law where the data subject is subjected to it.

  6. Can continue to process the personal data for administering justice

  7. Can charge a fee to data subjects upon request to access his own personal data

  8. Can continue to process the personal data for carrying out the functions conferred upon any person or under any law.

  9. May refuse to comply with a data access request by informing the data subject in writing within the specified time

Refund Policy

  1. No Refund / Cancellation / Postponement Policy for Application fee Once procesesing, processing fees for Application personal loan and other events are non-refundable.

  2. IF the Customer desires to reschedule his or her application personal loan for some reason, he can reschedule it via call or whatsapp or visit to the nearest branch but the fee is non-refundable.

  3. The company reserves the right to refund to customer the equivalent sum of amount paid by customer only in the very exceptional circumstances subjected to company’s discretion.

  4. The company has the right to request documents, including but not limited to the Customer’s Identity Card, for verification purpose during refunding process.

  5. The company has the right to reject a refund request where it reasonably believes that the refund request may be fraudulent, illegal or involves any criminal activity.